About Us

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the paperwork you have to do?  After getting home from work would you rather spend more time with your family than have to pay your bills?  Would you like to be able to travel and know that your personal business is being handled?  Do you have a nonprofit or foundation that is not reaching your expectations or goals?  Or, are you someone that just plain doesn’t want to deal with it?

Da King And I Management can help you with managing your day-to-day affairs.  Just like you hire a housekeeper to take care of the house, hire us as your Daily Manager to take care of your personal matters.

Da King And I Management is a full service management company.  With over 22 years of management services experience ranging from small business management, music management, church financial management, nonprofit organizational management, sports administration management to our focus on personal business management and property management.  We have management experience from creation to the daily management of an entity. Our management team has a record of success demonstrated through diverse management experience in the celebrity, private, public, and nonprofit sectors. We consistently accomplish objectives across an array of complex and rapidly changing business and personal scenarios for our clients. We are adaptive, creative and improve efficiencies all while working with your current team in reducing expenses, optimizing performance and profitability, always adding quantifiable value to you the client.  We work on your schedule.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Nonprofit Organization (Foundation) Management –

Managing a nonprofit organization requires knowledge of state regulations or applicable Internal Revenue Service (IRS) codes dictating the requirements for maintaining your nonprofit status.  Also required are basic business management principles to keep the organization on a sound financial footing to meet its mission effectively.

Understanding the aspects of nonprofit management allows us to apply the appropriate management principles to your nonprofit.  Through our services, we are responsible for directing activities and the use of resources for your nonprofit in order to produce a community service.  We also offer a very extensive background in Sports Administration for community organizations focused on athletics as their tool for fulfilling their mission and reaching their target market.

  • Review and understand the requirements under which you must operate your organization to stay within the laws governing your nonprofit.
  • Determine whether your organization has an IRS 501(c) classification.  nonprofit must do the proper legal filings to obtain a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Read and understand your bylaws to ensure you follow the requirements to operate the organization under which your IRS status was granted.
  • Groom future board and committee members in advance of their service by recruiting potential officers and chairs to serve on committees. Recruit from your membership base, industry vendors and suppliers, academia or well-known celebrities or industry leaders.
  • Work with legal counsel and a tax attorney to ensure that your operating procedures, accounting and any activities your organization conducts fall within the limits of your nonprofit designation.
  • Look for ways to improve what the organization is already doing by getting input from those who run events, organize fundraisers or receive benefits. You may be able to cut budget costs or increase community awareness by talking to those who have been doing the bulk of the work in any one area.
  • Responsible for liaising with the board members to make sure they are being effective
  • Develop policies, objectives and measures of performance for volunteers as well as for paid employees.
  • Responsible for identifying the resources necessary to achieve the organization’s goals.
  • Review the successes and failures of all events, fundraisers and community projects. Evaluate with your key people (board members, event chairmen or community leaders) what worked and what could be improved upon. Always keep things positive and moving forward.
  • Develop relationships within the community’s political, nonprofit and business sectors. These relationships will help in spreading the word about your organization’s mission and improving community involvement.

Personal Business Management –

The actual work we do for you depend on your customized needs:

  • Bill paying, including call to payees regarding incorrect bills.
  • Reconciling checking account, investment statements, and credit card statements.
  • Preparing and making bank deposits.
  • Organizing tax documents – preparing them for your tax preparer.
  • Preparing travel arrangements.
  • Maintaining Social Media presence.
  • Providing general organizational assistance.
  • Working closely with your legal, tax, and other professional advisors.
  • Preparation of payroll checks for home employees, including calculation of payroll taxes and preparation of payroll tax returns.
  • Establishing budgets and spending plans.
  • Preparing plans to reduce debt.
  • Creating paper and digital financial file systems using Quicken and training clients to use the software.

Entertainment Career Management –

From artist to engineers to videographers, we sing your career song.

We charge anywhere from an hourly rate, monthly commission, contract percentage to an annual retainer depending on the time needed and the size of the account.

Let Us Treat Your Brand Like Royalty!